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Friends & Family

Clcool Home: Unbelievably skilled Flash author, Perl scripter, and general loon. Hello Chris. :)
Noo'Paala Films: A bunch of guys, a camera, hijinx ensue.


Really, really good sites you should go to

Everything2: Online collaborative writing project. Go, read, enjoy
Slashdot: News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
Bash.org: The Quote Database. See what people really say on IRC.


We like webcomics, oh yes we do

Penny Arcade: Comics by gamers, for gamers, and very, very funny.
PvP: More games-related comicness, based around a fictitious games magazine. Groovy.
8-Bit Theater: Behold, a sprite comic! Using Final Fantasy characters! Rejoice!
White Ninja: You will laugh. Oh, you will laugh.
Namir Deiter: A non-gaming comic (shock! horror!), but one with excellent art and very good storywriting.
Boy On A Stick And Slither: Does what it says on the tin.


Console Manufacturer's Websites

Nintendo: Gamecube, Game Boy, and the like


Shops and shopping, for all your shop-like needs

Split Reason: The shirts! My god, the shirts! They're wonderful!
Play-Asia: Console games and accessories, dirt cheap and snappily shipped.

Jinx Hackware: Because admit it - you want a shirt with a hacking permit.