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28/09/05: Due to server hard disk failure, a few updates are missing - Steve
14/05/05: The Neo-Geo Pocket Color. Good or bad? Read the review and find out!
13/05/05: It's Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some, but not for you, as here's a shiny new review.

26/02/05: Hooten Man has written a very nice article for us on the Game Boy and its successors. Clicky here if you'd like to read it.
09/02/05: Consoleia finally adds an article on the PlayStation! World gaps in shock! We've meant to add one on Sony's first console in ages, but never got around to it - finally we've gotten off our backsides. Here's the result. Second bit - you may have heard about the DooM movie that's in production. Unhappy with the way it's turning out? You're not the only one - add your name to this petition.
23/01/05: And with a new year having rolled along, we welcome you back to Consoleia. Thanks for not completely deserting us - here's a lovely shiny review from Oberon to welcome you all back. (We love you, we do)
7/11/04: Where've we been? Away, my friend, away gaming. Here's a nice fresh article, straight from the article-writing-machine.
1/09/04: Two new features uploaded for you to nibble on. Great Controllers Of Our Time Part 6 is here (it just won't die), whilst a brand new review by a brand new author is here. The NES, mmm.
23/07/04: Mad Paddy's contributed to another stirling page - part 2 of the shocking debate is all his. Take a look here.
12/07/04: Two new features uploaded! Read about some of the most shocking moments in video games here, and feel free to contribute. Also, read here if your Dreamcast suffers from a nasty case of "I'll restart randomly"-itis - there is a cure!
/04: Another review's been added - Super Smash Bros. Melee getting the once-over by Oberon.
Guess what? New controllers article (and you thought we'd never finish that thing). X-Box controller vs. Neo-Geo arcade stick: which is better? Take a poke here.
12/04/04: We've got a new feature for you. It's feature-iffic. Arf. Go view it here.
27/03/04: The links page looks all the better with a new layout, but the best news is a new article's uploaded - the Bandai WonderSwan. Check it out right here.
Links page added, plus a new article about the Apple/Bandai Pippin. Plus, the navigation bar on the left's been compacted - it didn't display too well on low resolutions. Now it does. Rejoice!
29/12/03: Oberon loves his GameCube. Do you? Find out about it here. Meanwhile - do you use MSN Messenger? If so, why don't you check out Jaedon? Click here to go to the official website.
19/11/03: The Nintendo 64. Never sold as many as the Playstation, perhaps unfairly. Real or malarky? Why not find out by checking the new article that's been uploaded?
16/11/03: No, I haven't forgotten the site! And to show I care, there's a new article up, on Sega's Dreamcast. You know you want to look at it. Not only that, but updates have been made to the articles on
the Saturn, and SNK's Neo-Geo, including pictures of the consoles in question.
28/9/03: The Atari 2600's Japanese cousin, the 2800 has stopped by for a visit - yes, we know it's only a short update, but it's the thought that counts, right?
27/9/03: Part 4 has been uploaded. We'll stop soon - promise.
20/9/03: And Part 3 has swiftly followed. Check it out in the Features.
14/9/03: Part 2 of the Great Controllers of our Time debate is up - this time Mad Paddy O'Semtex is going head to head with our Jo-Jo.
13/9/03: Added the Commodore Amiga CD32, a rather spiffy 32-bit CD-based console. Although you probably guessed that much from the name...
11/9/03: Spot the new domain name! www.consoleia.co.uk is up and running, and stuff. Also, check out the new Features section - there's an interesting little debate going on...
2/9/03: Uploaded a whole new manufacturer and two new consoles - Coleco and their Colecovision, respectively, and Magnavox's Odyssey2 - plus a little info on the Mattel NES. 'What?' you ask? Well, you're just gonna have to click on Consoles and find out, aren't you...